EJH Consulting LLC agrees to provide professional web, graphic and mobile app design services to all clients and that it will be completed to your satisfaction. A 50% refund will be issued in rare cases that it is incomplete or does not meet the clients approval. EJH Consulting reserves the right to use your design for the sole purpose of its promotions and portfolio.

Logo Designs: First draft will be completed within 7 days (unless there are circumstances outside of our control). Client is allowed 2 major revisions after the first draft. There will be an additional charge of $16/hr for additional revisions.

48-hour Rush: Only 1 rush order per day per client is permitted. Rush flyers must be submitted by 12pm EST to be received in 48 hours. Otherwise, the clock may start the following day (EJH Consulting may use its discretion). Work on rush flyers placed on Friday will be delivered by the following Monday. Work on rush flyers placed on Saturday or Sunday will not start until Monday and be delivered by Wednesday.

Prints: Client is responsible for reviewing final print. If an error is observed AFTER printing, EJH Consulting is not responsible for reprinting and/or shipping costs. Design may be fixed at no charge at the discretion of EJH Consulting but reprinting and shipping costs will be the responsibility of the client.

Web Design
Terms and conditions for web designs are outlined in detailed contracts. You may request a sample contract by emailing info@ejh-consulting.com.

Social Media Management
Terms and conditions for social media management are outlined in the invoice. You may request a sample invoice by emailing info@ejh-consulting.com.

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